What is revision knee surgery and why is it important?


It is common for knee replacement patients to require revision of knee surgery after 15 years but sometimes they require a correction surgery earlier due to misalignment of the joint or slackening of the prosthesis. But there is nothing to worry about as an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR can perform the surgery.

First, you should know about the revision surgery

Depending on the condition of the affected joint, it could be a total knee replacement or minimum. Your surgeon will choose an option after assessing the condition and studying your regular activities. And you can rest assured that you can resume your normal life after successful revision surgery.

Is there anything to fear about revision surgery?

Revision surgery is part of knee surgery. A prosthesis can last for up to 20 years but it could require replacement after 15 years. And you should be prepared for the surgery. Go to the best orthopedic doctor that can perform the revision surgery with utmost safety and perfection.

For revision surgery, your surgeon will use a minimally invasive procedure that will reduce risk to a minimum. The surgeon will make a small cut on your knee and access the damaged part. If needed, he can even replace the total joint with minimally invasive surgery.

Advantage of revision surgery

The biggest advantage of correction surgery is that it will rid you of the pain and suffering associated with knee pain and swelling. The prosthetic you replaced your original knee joint with could last for up to two decades after which it would need replacement. You need to visit an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR to make an opinion on your knee problem.

Symptoms of knee problem after replacement

  • Unbearable pain in the affected knee and sometimes the pain is coupled with fever
  • The problem in standing, using stairs, getting in and out of the car, and walking
  • Pain when stretching or folding your legs

If you have these symptoms or any one of these issues then you should understand that the time of revision surgery has come. You should visit a senior orthopedic surgeon to get a correction surgery that will let you continue your normal life with a prosthetic. Visit the best orthopedic doctor for correction surgery and get the problem knee joint removed with minimally invasive surgery. And you should take it as a part of your knee treatment. Also, you can lead a normal life with correction surgery.

Dr Dhananjay Gupta

Dr Dhananjay Gupta
Director and Senior Consultant,
Orthopaedics and Joint Reconstruction and Replacement Surgeon
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