Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Delhi

The proper functioning of knee joint is vital for any human; it acts as a pivot joint which bond thigh and lower part of the leg and also enables the motion in the legs. However, when it is unhealthy the surgeon may advise for Total knee replacement procedure. Dr. Dhananjay Gupta is the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi. He has performed more than one thousand total knee replacement surgery in Delhi.

The Total knee replacement is the surgical process where it replaces the damaged joint of the knee with an artificial material. In this process femur bone is taken out with the help of metal shell and then the thigh bone end parts are restored. Tibia end is also taken into consideration and replaced through plastic pieces which function as metal stem. The prosthesis is the term given to the entire surgical process wherein knee is operated with artificial components.

Many times it happens that based on the condition of the knee, plastic bone might be added over the knee joint. With everyone having access to services and facilities to the hospital now a day, surgeries are no longer exclusive. It is becoming prevalent and with these increments, new and modern methods are also being developed in this industry. A minimally invasive surgery method is the common one in the orthopaedic field. These methods are carried with small cuts as a substitute for the large ones.

Computer Navigated Minimally Invasive

Total Knee Replacement Surgery in the past decade, technology enormously takes over every field in the world. Medical is no left behind. Computer Navigated Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement Surgery is a surgical method where the intact operation is carefully carried in supervision of computer software. This software contains a feature to scan the whole body and then subsequently prepare for the surgery. It is a helping hand to doctor as well, this software guide surgeon on performing cuts and incisions. The whole process is under surveillance of this computer software.

Experts also track post recovery procedures of surgery with this advanced software. We cannot imagine person’s life where he cannot walk and even stand. The total knee Replacement Surgery is the best option for such patients by which they can re-enter to normal and healthy life.

The reasons for requiring knee replacement

Our body has its own way of working. Sometimes many errors happen and the normal life of the individual is affected. In a similar manner, arthritis is a joint disease that causes the knee malfunctions. In this case a person’s ability to walk, stand and to climb stairs is minimised to zero. The total knee Replacement Surgery is the assist that can prove to be very helpful to lead a normal life again.

The Symptoms

We often linger on and try to refuse the operated surgery as much as we can. But we should not neglect the several important signs that indicate towards worsening the situation.

  • Increase in the knee pain in different weathers
  • Pain does not allow us to sleep properly
  • Knee pain lasts for a very long time and continues
  • Swollen knees and that area becomes stiff
  • Problem in stairs climbing
  • Pain in the knee after physical workout
  • Pain in bending your knee
  • Trouble in sitting and then getting up from chairs

Key surgical features

  • With the introduction of modern surgery methods, the size of the incision is very much reduced to almost half of what was done in the traditional method. It generally ranges from 6-11 cms. The size of the incision can be altered as per the requirements.
  • The new materials in inserted in the body. Body requires some time to accept and work according to it. Surgeons adopt various techniques such as to reduce degree of medical retracts so that the artificial joint can relax and adjust accordingly. This is termed as the symbiotic use of Retractors
  • The next approach being used is that of Quadriceps muscle-sparing
  • Then follows the discharging of Inferior and superior patellar capsules. This step helps doctors to gain a clear view of joint. This can be performed medially or laterally.
  • Equipments used are also designed according to specific needs and in a specific manner. They are so versatile and easy to use.
  • The most modern technique that can be employed is Suspended-leg technique. Herein the knee joint is depicted in gravity that in return evades the utilization of lamina spreaders

This entire write-up informs you about latest techniques employed in the field of surgery and how are they used. Surgeons should adopt these carefully and in control depending on the situation of the patient. Many great latest technologies when used are very fortunate for the patient.

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Dr Dhananjay Gupta

Dr Dhananjay Gupta
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Orthopaedics and Joint Reconstruction and Replacement Surgeon
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