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The need for a revision of knee replacement could arise after 15-20 years that is after the normal life of the prosthesis. But sometimes it is needed earlier due to dislocation of the knee joint due to an accident, wear and tear, and a fracture.

For example, if you have already replaced your knee either partial or total sometimes back like 10 years, it is highly likely that you could need to go for revision surgery. It is so because 15-20 years is the normal time for a prosthesis. But there is little to worry about as a revision surgery can replace the knee with a new prosthesis and give you a new lease of life for the next 15 years.

Sometimes people need a revision surgery earlier and it happens when the first surgery doesn’t work. In this situation, you could require surgery soon after the first operation. If you feel pain and discomfort in the knee, you should talk to your knee replacement surgeon to check whether the first operation has been successful. If the surgeon finds a problem in the knee, the medical professional will suggest a revision of the surgery.

Look for these symptoms post knee replacement

If you have recently undergone a knee replacement, you should keep track of your recovery. It will be slow but steady. With time, you will feel comfortable with the replaced knee. But you shouldn’t ignore the symptoms that indicate a problem in the replaced knee. 

  • Problem in standing for a long time
  • Pain in walking and using the stairs
  • Fever from the pain and suffering in the knee
  • Persistent swelling on the knee
  • Difficulty in moving or stretching the knee

While mild pain in the knee joint is expected, severe pain requires a proper examination by a knee replacement surgeon. If you have any of these symptoms, you should immediately go to your surgeon for examination.

How is a revision surgery performed?

Today surgeons follow a minimally invasive procedure to conduct revision surgeries. Depending on the condition of your knee, you could be suggested a partial or total knee replacement. Let a surgeon examine your knee and consider your age and overall medical condition to make an opinion. Revision of knee replacement is done using a minimally invasive technique that promises quick recovery and excellent results. The natural damage to the knee is replaced with an artificial joint so the patient gets back his/her mobility.


An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) could cause considerable damage to your knee. If you hear a pop or feel a “popping” sensation in the knee, you should take it seriously as it could be an injury to an important ligament. And you could require an ACL reconstruction surgery.

How is the ACL injured?

ACL injuries are most common during sporting events that involve a sudden change in direction or stops like soccer, basketball, and downhill skiing. Soon after the injury, the affected knee would swell, become unstable, and feel too painful to bear weight. Depending on the severity of the injury, a surgeon could suggest rest and rehabilitation exercises or surgery.

What happens during ligament surgery?

It is called keyhole surgery as a minor incision is made on the affected knee to perform the surgery. The process is to remove the damaged ligament and replace it with an operational tissue graft. And the surgery is performed arthroscopically. It is the best possible treatment for a broken ligament that can make life difficult in the long run.

The main element of minimally invasive surgery is the application of the laparoscopic technique. It involves an extended fiber optic cable construction that allows the surgeon to have a clear view of the damaged area with the help of a wire from a distance. You will get only a 0.5-1.5 cm incision on your knee. Also, the surgery will take a short time in completing.

Advantages of the minimally invasive surgery

  • A small incision requires little time in healing
  • Lesser post-operative care reduces hospitalization
  • The short duration of recovery is an added advantage
  • Reduced hemorrhaging
  • Positive outcome

Do I need ligament surgery?

If you have recently undergone a ligament injury then there are chances that you will require ACL reconstruction surgery. There are some tests that you can conduct at home to determine whether you need surgery.

If you have any of the following symptoms, you need surgery

  • Pain followed by fever
  • The problem in sitting, standing, and walking for a long time
  • Inflammation on the affected joint
  • Fragile ligaments and joints

If you have pain in a knee, you should get it examined by an experienced surgeon. If it is a ligament injury and you are advised surgery, you should opt for minimally invasive surgery. Keyhole surgery can give you fast and lasting relief from the pain due to the damaged ligament.


If you ask a knee doctor in Delhi for the best treatment for knee pain, the doctor will suggest the replacement of the damaged joint with a new joint. The replaced part will be artificial but it would work like real.

Advantages of replacement surgery

  • Reduce your dependence on painkiller drugs and therapies that consume much of your precious time and that provide little help.
  • Improved quality of life as you will be able to use the replaced joints as new joints. You could climb stairs and even go on for long walks.
  • Improved mobility will make you feel healthy and happy. Post-replacement surgery, you can enjoy your life to the full. For example, you won’t need assistance in putting on your footwear.

Depending on the condition of your knee joint, you could require a total knee replacement, uniknee replacement, knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, or PCL reconstruction. Let the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi examine your knee condition and make an opinion.

Total Knee Replacement: The process involves removing the damaged parts and constructing a new joint using plastic and metal parts. Finally, the knee cap is attached to the new joint to make it fully functional.

Uniknee Replacement: It involves replacing only a part of a joint. The objective of this surgery is to save the healthy knee parts from getting replaced. The damaged part is replaced using minimally invasive knee surgery.

Knee Arthroscopy: It is a keyhole surgery performed with the help of a camera to provide quick relief in certain medical conditions like a torn meniscus, injured anterior cruciate ligament, and swollen or damaged ligament joint.

ACL Reconstruction: Keyhole surgery for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. A damaged ligament can injure the knee physically. But the good thing is it can be reconstructed with minimally invasive surgery.

PCL Reconstruction: Keyhole surgery for reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament. One of the important ligaments, it is necessary to support the knee and the leg.

Revision of Knee Replacement: An artificial knee can work for up to 20 years after which it needs to be replaced. Sometimes people need revision surgery even within 10 years for different reasons.

If you have pain in the knee, you should talk to a knee doctor in Delhi and discuss the best alternatives. But if your knee is damaged completely then you shouldn’t delay total knee replacement as it will only aggravate your condition.


Depending on the condition of your hip joint, your surgeon could suggest either partial or total hip replacement surgery. But most people try to put it off a little longer for strange reasons like they don’t want artificial things to be attached to their bodies.

Are you reluctant to undergo a surgeon’s knife?

If yes, then this article could be an eye-opener for you

While feeling reluctant to surgery is normal for an average person like you, but choosing to put the treatment off when it is suggested by a surgeon could lead to more complications than healing.

Whether your hip joint is damaged due to an impact like an automobile accident, or it is a degenerative disease that is making your joint stiff and immovable, if you have been advised hip replacement surgery, you shouldn’t delay the treatment for the following reasons.

Reason One:Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for the hip joint problems. It is a degenerative disease that can create more complications if it isn’t stopped at the earliest. It will make your hip joint stiff leading to pain whenever you try to move your joint. The discomfort would even prevent you from relaxing.

Reason Two: Still hip joint would make life difficult. You will take time in everything and look for help in specific things like wearing footwear, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of a car. You won’t be able to lead a normal life as you will be dependent on painkillers. Side effects of painkillers would also create problems. Buthip replacement surgery could make your life normal.

Reason Three: If you go through the feedback of joint surgery patients, you will find that most of them are satisfied with the surgery and that they are leading a happy and normal life post-surgery. If you are afraid of surgery for any reason, you should go through the experience and feedback of patients for motivation.

Talk to your doctor

The success rate of hip replacement surgery is much higher than it was a couple of years back. Also, it has become minimally invasive. The new prosthetics used in joint replacement feel and work like original joints. Your life will be normal after the surgery.

There is little need to live with pain when you have the option to replace a damaged joint with a new artificial joint that will work like your original joint for a long time.


On world disability day, lets talk about the scourge of old age, i.e. loss of independent mobility in old age. Locomotion syndrome was coined in Japan which has significant geriatric population. It was noticed that as people age, their ability to do chores outside home start decreasing. Locomotion syndrome is defined when a person cant carry more than 2 kg weight or walk for more than 15 minutes continuously. Slowly, gradually their ability to get up from seat start getting affected and their gait become slow and sluggish. This happens due to degenerative changes in the discs of spine, cartilage of hip and knee joint, loss of muscle mass called sarcopenia. All these gets further complicated by osteoporotic fractures of spine and proximal femur. With the steady rise inpercentage of geriatric population in India, we need to identify these subset of elderlies and intervene before they become a burden on the society and healthcare.

Early identification, building of muscle mass, balancing and muscle strengthening exercises are to be instituted at the earliest. Mobility assistant like sticks or walking frame, with companion or group therapy helps build up their physical and emotional health.

It remains in the interest of society and healthcare that their independent mobility is restored and remain an asset rather than a liability.


If your hip pain has become unbearable then you should talk to an experienced orthopedic surgeon about the treatment. Like many others, you can also go for total hip resurfacing surgery in Delhi. Chances are that only resurfacing the hip joints might work for you.

What is hip resurfacing?

Your hip joints have a soft cushion made of cartilage. It is this cartilage that provides lubrication to the joint. But if the cartilage is damaged due to a disease like arthritis or an accident, the bones will strike against each other and cause inflammation and extreme pain. But there is little to worry about as the condition can be improved with resurfacing surgery.

If your hip joint is damaged then it will require replacement as replacing the broken or worn-out joint is the only treatment available for curing hip pain due to an immobile joint. But there is little to worry about as advancements in medical technology have made hip replacement easier and more affordable.

The procedure of hip replacement

It involves replacing the damaged socket and ball with a prosthesis. Your surgeon will remove the damaged joint and place an implant to allow smooth movement of the hip. A prosthesis or artificial joint will be placed in your body but it will work like the original joint. But you will have to be careful with the prosthesis as it could bear limited pressure.

Life after hip replacement would be normal where you won’t have any pain or suffering in the hip. You can go to work and resume normal activities including driving and swimming. But you would need to be careful about the replaced hip joint. Your surgeon will suggest things to do and not to do.

Check hip replacement surgery cost in Delhi to know how much you need to pay for the treatment. It will be a one-time fee as after successful surgery, you won’t require any treatment or medicines. And the prosthesis will keep working for decades. Do you know that the normal life of a hip prosthesis is about 30 years? Some people need a new implant before the normal time but there are reasons behind requiring revision surgery. Many people go for revision of hip replacement surgery in Delhi for different reasons like unsuccessful surgery, arthritis, and accident. But there is little to worry about as revision surgery can set things right for another 30 years that is a lifetime for patients of advanced age.

Total replacement isn’t the only solution available for knee pain as you can go for uniknee replacement depending on the condition of your knees. Uniknee replacement is partial knee replacement. A knee doctor in Delhi will suggest the right treatment after examining your knee condition.

If you have the following symptoms, you need uniknee replacement

  • Difficulty in rising in stairs
  • The problem in standing erect
  • Unable to stretch your knees to feel flexible
  • Knee swelling with pain
  • Severe pain in the knees

Get your knees examined by a senior orthopedic surgeon to know what is happening to your knees. The surgeon will prescribe an x-ray to check the position of the knee and make an opinion after studying your overall medical condition. If your knee condition is poor or you are over 60 years of age, your doctor will suggest surgery.

Reason for knee pain

Osteoarthritis is the common reason for knee pain. It involves the deterioration of the knee to the point of making the affected knee dysfunctional. But the good thing is that the knee can be saved by removing the damaged parts only. The best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi will make a small incision on the affected knee to replace the damaged parts.

Should I go for uniknee replacement?

First is the checkup by a senior orthopedic surgeon who will examine the condition of the affected knee. In case the pain is manageable, you can try some non-surgical methods like taking mild painkillers and doing lightweight exercises to increase the mobility of the affected joint.

But if the pain is severe and it is affecting your normal life then it is better to opt for surgery. Uniknee replacement is painless and affordable in comparison to total knee replacement. Also, the partial knee replacement is much safer than the total replacement. You can discuss the problem and the solution with the best knee replacement surgeon in NCR.

Advantages of uniknee replacement

1. Lesser problems

You won’t have to stay for a long period in hospital. Also, the recovery time will be shorter. And you will have little need for physiotherapy. You will save money as well.

2. Natural

You will feel like you have retained your natural joint. Since the surgeon will remove only the affected part, he will try retaining the healthy bone and cartilage.

3. Long life

Uniknee replacement has a long life. It is so because only the affected part of the knee is changed and the rest of the knee joint is kept natural.


It is common for knee replacement patients to require revision of knee surgery after 15 years but sometimes they require a correction surgery earlier due to misalignment of the joint or slackening of the prosthesis. But there is nothing to worry about as an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR can perform the surgery.

First, you should know about the revision surgery

Depending on the condition of the affected joint, it could be a total knee replacement or minimum. Your surgeon will choose an option after assessing the condition and studying your regular activities. And you can rest assured that you can resume your normal life after successful revision surgery.

Is there anything to fear about revision surgery?

Revision surgery is part of knee surgery. A prosthesis can last for up to 20 years but it could require replacement after 15 years. And you should be prepared for the surgery. Go to the best orthopedic doctor that can perform the revision surgery with utmost safety and perfection.

For revision surgery, your surgeon will use a minimally invasive procedure that will reduce risk to a minimum. The surgeon will make a small cut on your knee and access the damaged part. If needed, he can even replace the total joint with minimally invasive surgery.

Advantage of revision surgery

The biggest advantage of correction surgery is that it will rid you of the pain and suffering associated with knee pain and swelling. The prosthetic you replaced your original knee joint with could last for up to two decades after which it would need replacement. You need to visit an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR to make an opinion on your knee problem.

Symptoms of knee problem after replacement

  • Unbearable pain in the affected knee and sometimes the pain is coupled with fever
  • The problem in standing, using stairs, getting in and out of the car, and walking
  • Pain when stretching or folding your legs

If you have these symptoms or any one of these issues then you should understand that the time of revision surgery has come. You should visit a senior orthopedic surgeon to get a correction surgery that will let you continue your normal life with a prosthetic. Visit the best orthopedic doctor for correction surgery and get the problem knee joint removed with minimally invasive surgery. And you should take it as a part of your knee treatment. Also, you can lead a normal life with correction surgery.


Joint replacement won’t be your first option if you are suffering from knee pain. But your orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR will suggest replacing the problematic joints to escape other problems like decreased mobility and anxiety.

Could knee pain develop more problems?

It is difficult to live with inflamed and painful knees. You will need help in everything from getting up from your bed to wearing your slippers. You will also suffer from poor gait and posture. But the biggest problem is shifting of weight from knees to lower back. You will try managing your daily activities by shifting the weight from your knees to your back leading to spinal problems in the long run.

Joint replacement has a short life

It is a myth. A joint replacement can work for almost two decades after which you will need a corrective surgery that will make you fit for another decade. Talk to the best orthopedic doctor to clear your doubts over joint replacement surgeries.

Also, you should go through the advantages of joint replacement. It is a painless process that will improve your quality of life. Post-surgery, you can walk, swim, and even go on long drives.

Benefits of joint replacement

Less pain: Surgery will remove the damaged joints and replace them with new artificial joints that work like original body parts. And the replaced joints won’t have inflammation, pain, or suffering. It will remove your dependence on painkiller medicines and lotions.

Improved movement and activity: If you ask an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR about the biggest advantage of joint replacement, he will highlight the improvement you will notice in your movement and activity. With new joints, you can visit places, take part in gatherings, and even enjoy light sports activities.

Reduced risk of chronic health conditions: When you won’t have any pain or suffering in joints and your mobility is improved, you can lead a long, healthy, and happy life. You will be free from anxiety and depression. Also, you will have little risk of developing diabetes and heart conditions.

Safer than ever before: Joint replacement surgeries have become safer than they used to be some time back. Also, the new joints can keep working for a long time. If you can take care of your joints, they can last for two decades. You should talk to the best orthopedic doctor to know more about the benefits of joint replacement.


If knee pain is keeping you awake all the time if you need help in getting out of a chair and while climbing the stairs, and if the regular painkiller medicines don’t work on your pain, then it is time to visit an orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR.

Total knee replacement is the right solution for knee problems

Pain relief

Since you are in pain, you are looking for a treatment that can give you quick relief from the extreme pain you are in. Your knees are inflamed and they pain even on touching. You can’t do exercises due to pain. Also, you can’t take more painkillers because they have side effects. In this situation, only knee replacement can give quick and lasting relief from pain.

Improved mobility

It is difficult to walk, stand, and even sit when you have pain in your knees. Simply put, the knee pain will make you immobile. In this situation, nothing less than replacing the damaged knees with new artificial knee joints could help. You should consult the best orthopedic doctor to know more about replacement surgery.

Post-surgery, you will be able to walk independently. You will get back your mobility soon after the successful replacement surgery. It will be like the start of a new life. The new knee joints will work as the natural knees but you need to take care of the artificial joints. The data of patients that have undergone replacement surgeries for knees shows that over 90% of patients have pain reduced and mobility improved significantly after surgery.

Better treatment response

Replacement surgery has a better treatment response than other treatment options. For example, you won’t have to rely on painkillers or other meds after getting new knees. Your orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR will prescribe some meds to prevent infection but he will discontinue the meds after some time. Also, you won’t need physical therapy and exercise to keep going.

High success and satisfaction

Replacement surgery has a high success rate. Also, it provides 100% satisfaction to the patients. You will be discharged from the hospital after a short stay but you will have to be careful about the new knees for the initial months. Once you get the confidence, you can return back to your normal life.

If you have pain in your knees then you should visit the best orthopedic doctor for a complete checkup. The doctor is likely to prescribe replacement surgery to relieve your pain and suffering.

Dr Dhananjay Gupta

Dr Dhananjay Gupta
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