Arthritis care Tips


Arthritis is a problem that occurs because of swelling in joints due to breakage of cartilage in the joints. Joint is a point where two or more bones are connected. Cartilage is like a cushion which protects bones from rubbing otherwise they can break, cause pain and swelling. Cartilage is present in between two bones for protection. There are many types of arthritis:


  • Osteoarthritis is one of them, it can occur in persons of all age but generally it occurs after age of 65. It is caused due to any injury happening to joints. This generally occurs in hips, hands and knees. In this, pain and swelling starts in joints and also difficult to move.

Age, obesity, joint injury, weak muscles and genes are common risk factors in OA.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is that disease in body’s immune system which protects your body from infection attack. It causes pain in joints, breaks cartilage, damage to bones and also can cause damage to other body parts like heart, eye, and nerves. It generally occurs in joints of hands, elbows, keens and ankles.

Doctors will go through symptoms, examine joints, will examine other body parts. Following are some symptoms:

  • Joint stiffness in morning
  • Swelling
  • redness around skin of joints
  • weight loss
  • fatigue
  • fever

Treatment in this depends upon type of arthritis, which joint is painful, amount of pain, age, your work also. Proper diagnosis is must to get successful treatment. Following are some treatments:

  • home remedies
  • cold pack
  • paraffin wax dips
  • Medications
  • surgical operations

This disease can cause damage to other body parts also. Doctor can also suggest you some x ray to find out the actual damage, he will suggest you some medicine for pain, weight loss. There is no specific diet plan for arthritis, but doctors suggest omega-3 fatty acids supplements. Conditions can be worse if you take foods that are high in proteins, especially red meats and shellfish. High proteins foods like sea food, organ meats and alcoholic beverages should be avoided. Rheumatologists are special type of doctors who are specialized in nonsurgical treatments of arthritis. They have some special skills for treating arthritis.


There are some exercises also for arthritis patients to reduce pain like low impact aerobics, strength trainings, stretching. You should take rest for 2 to 3 days. If u walk in water, u will feel good. You should talk to doctor for better and particular exercise for you. Without consulting doctor, you should not do any exercise in case of arthritis.

Dr Dhananjay Gupta

Dr Dhananjay Gupta
Director and Senior Consultant,
Orthopaedics and Joint Reconstruction and Replacement Surgeon
Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

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